First Scientific-Practical Conference

On April 23-24, 2015, in G.Nikoladze Assembly Hall of the Georgian Technical University Georgian Mineralogical Society and Georgian Technical University held the first scientific-practical conference dedicated to the present problems of geology in Georgia.

At the conference there were presented 27 papers generally concerning the activity of geological surveys, period of time passed by the Mineralogical Society, the country's mineral-resource base condition, environmental and legal aspects, issues of Mineralogy and Petrography.
Noteworthy and earning praise is the high activity of young geologists, undergraduate students and doctoral candidates; they presented 6 papers.

Today, when the major share of the Georgian export is just the mineral wealth, it becomes necessary to improve systematically the geological and mining sectors, work out the state policy of applying mineral wealth and establish close collaboration between educational and research institutions and state and private structures of Geology. The consolidation and development of our sector much depends upon the mutual acquaintance of the employees’ activity, working in the abovementioned organizations. The Conference served just the purpose of deepening contacts between the specialists working in this field, especially between the young geologists, and mutual introducing and shearing the available information.

During the conference it was more than once mentioned that considering the complex and diverse geological structure and peculiarities of Georgia there arises the necessity of stable and versatile geological services. In the last century the territory of Georgia was studied well enough by the geological services of that time. Unfortunately, today some of them are quite weakened or abolished. It is therefore the geological sector needs timely and appropriate government support.

Without stable government and private geological services the proper offering of the country's mineral resources and their products to the international market is unrealistic. Accordingly, if the rich and the actual stock materials are not processed by modern laboratory researches and geographic information systems, it will be impossible to create modern, perfect database of mineral resource, to enhance it and work out marketing and investment policies that is especially necessary in the conditions of European integration.

The governing body of the Technical University and Mineralogical society, the organizing and scientific committees, each speaker and the audience made a major contribution to hold the Conference at high-level.

In accordance with the desire of the Conference participants it has been decided to hold an annual conference of the Mineralogical Society traditionally and attach international importance to it.





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