The Museum of Mineralogy and Petrography at the Department of geology of the Georgian Technical University has existed for seven tens of years. According to mineralogical and petrological exhibits the educational-demonstration Museum of Mineralogy and Petrography may be considered as one of the rich and versatile museums in the Ciscaucasus. There are exhibited metallic and nonmetallic minerals, rock-forming minerals and their paragenic associations, precious and semiprecious stones, facing and building stones from the deposits (and their certain parts) in Georgia, republics of the former Soviet Union and foreign countries. In the Museum of Mineralogy an Petrography there are kept system collections of minerals and rocks nearly from all the world-known deposits and regions, geochemical and genetic collections of minerals and principal minerals of some metals; there are exhibited models of crystalline lattices and of natural crystals of certain minerals.

The Museum is open not only to the students and schoolchildren but to all persons interested in minerals and rocks.

The Museum was founded in 1940 in the building of the Tbilisi Industrial Institute. It occupied only one room where the mineral collections were exhibited in eight small showcases.
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