Students’ Practical Trainings in the Bolnisi and Kazbegi Regions

The Department of Applied Geology of the Mining and Geological Faculty of the Georgian Technical University since 2003 ensures the fulfillment of two geological field-training programs in the Bolnisi and Kazbegi regions.

The Bolnisi region has been chosen due to its geological and mineralogical factors. During the practical trainings the students stay at the scientific research center of the Acad. Sci. of Georgia where there are created favourable housing conditions for them. The students get acquainted with the structural and general geology of the Region. The Bolnisi region is located on the Artvin-Bolnisi block that is built by Paleozoic crystal rocks, Mesozoic igneous and sedimentary rocks, Cainozoic intrusive bodies and lava flows of doleritic composition.
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