“Saturday School”
   At the Department of Applied Geology of the Georgian Technical University there has been founded so called “Saturday School” for pupils of public schools.With the assistance of the teaching staff of the Department senior pupils will be able to get acquainted with natural sciences applying the available material and technical basis; they will get all the useful information about the specialties at our faculty and in case of taking an interest they will continue their studying in the sphere of geology. It should be noted that graduates of the Mining-Geologic faculty successfully work in geological enterprises, customs offices, banks, museums, oil and gas producing companies and educational and research institutes. At the aforementioned Department there function short-term courses for training appraisers of noble metals and precious stones.

  The objective of the curriculum at “Saturday School” is to awake the pupils’ interest in geological processes and phenomena as to make them overstep the frames of schoolbooks i.e. to expand and enrich the basic knowledge envisaged by the school curriculum.

   “The “Saturday School” program implies lectures, excursions and discussions on the Earth’s origin, its structure and development history; the pupils can learn about the various geological processes taking place inside the earth (earth quakes and volcanism among them), about the composition of the earth’s crust, rocks and minerals as facing and building material, their peculiarities and spheres of their application; about the use of precious and semiprecious stones in jeweler’s art; they can see minerals – “wanders” of nature.Besides, the pupils learn more about the history of development of animal and vegetable world.

  At the Mining-Geologic faculty of GTU, besides the scientific-research material and technical basis, there are three educational-scientific laboratory-museums: “General geology and paleontology”, “Mineralogy and Petrography” and “Mineral resources”. The three museums at the Department of Applied Geology not only popularize the knowledge about minerals, rocks, ores and fossils but infinitely supply the collectors and lots of interested persons with comprehensive information on geological exhibits that are of national and world importance.

  The students and pupils, taking practical training course in the museums, can participate in subject seminars and tours regularly conducted for them. In these museums there are kept samples of unique ores,minerals and rocks and paleontological material from Georgian and world-known deposits and regions collected by Georgian geologists of many generations; according to its originality, variety and representativeness the represented collections do not yield to other museum pieces kept in the advanced countries of the world.

  The students of“Saturday School” can view the paleontological samples and models, minerals, rocks and ores, describe them and use the material in their reports at a conference. 

  In the Museums there are periodically conducted subject seminars, competitive conferences, discussions and demonstration of video-material. The pupils can be trained for participation in the Republic and international conferences.

  For students there will be arranged geological-field camps (to tent) where, together with geological observations, they will get acquainted with historical, architectural and other places of interest of the region. The geological samples collected during their field-work will be exhibited in the Museums.   
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